Temperature Disks


“3 Zone Temperature Disk” Part #3ZTD011SMI By Smithworks


The 3 Zone Temperature Disk by Smithworks is designed as a single use item for thermal confirmation of iv fluids to be infused.

All 3 Zones are liquid crystal thermometers and indicate temperatures in both Celsius & Fahrenheit.


Zone 1 has a blue field and displays the temperature in green.

Zone 2 has a green field and displays the temperature in green.

Zone 3 has a red field and also displays the temperature in green.


Simply peel the paper off the back of the Temperature Disk & stick the disk to the iv bag when ready to deploy.

· 1st zone range is for “induced hypothermia protocol. Display is 3, 4 & 5 degrees Celsius (37, 39 & 41 degrees Fahrenheit).

· 2nd zone range is for common drug storage temperatures. Display is 20, 21 & 22 degrees Celsius (68, 70 &72 degrees Fahrenheit).

· 3rd zone range is for warmed iv fluids. Display is 37, 38 &39 degrees Celsius (98, 100 & 102 degrees Fahrenheit).




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